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Pool owners quickly learn that there’s more to having a pool than just keeping it filled with water. The maintenance involved in owning a pool is time-consuming and expensive if you do it on your own. But with Dolphins Pool Service in Tampa Bay available, you don’t have to do it all yourself.


Regular maintenance from Dolphins Pool Service means we will keep your pool in peak operating condition, help prevent problems before they start, and ensure swimmer safety. Count on us for professional, efficient swimming pool service that will keep your pool clean and inviting.


Maintenance / Repair Services


Regular swimming pool service from Dolphins Pool Service will save you time and money over having to maintain your pool yourself. We’ll make sure the water chemistry is right, the pump is operating correctly, and your components are leak-free. Routine maintenance will keep your pool in running properly and make it last longer.


In addition to maintaining pool chemistry and keeping it clean, we maintain, repair, and replace pool components too, including:


   *Motors    *Timers   *Heaters    *Pumps   *Filters    *Valves               


    *Plumbing    *Skimmers and Drains    *Piping     *In-Floor Cleaners  


*Automatic Cleaners   *Handrails and Safety Devices


Contact Dolphins Pool Service for Professional, Responsive Pool Cleaning and Maintenance in Tampa Bay. Enjoy your pool more and make sure it’s around for years to come. Contact us at 727-237-3879 to learn more about our maintenance services and scheduling.


Contact Us

Call or Text: 727-237-3879

About Us

We are a full-service pool company. We clean, take measurements for PH level, alkalinity and chemical levels. We love servicing clients with pride as if it were our own pool. Family Owned and Operated. Same Day Pool Service. Satisfaction Guaranteed.



Keeping Pools Clean and Crystal Clear

Areas We Serve

Tarpon Springs

Palm Harbor





Safety Harbor

East Lake


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