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Regular cleaning is vital to keeping your pool water crystal clear and to cutting down on emergency services and repairs, but it’s a time-consuming task that many pool owners dread. If this sounds like you, it’s time to contact Dolphins Pool Service. We are a family owned and operated pool service that has been keeping pools clean with quality service and cost-efficient options.


Full-Service Pool Cleaning


At Dolphins Pool Service you don’t have to worry about what’s included in your swimming pool service and what’s not. We do it all.


Our full-service weekly pool service includes:

  • Visual inspection of all equipment and pool components.

  • Check and adjustment of water balance.

  • Brush the tile line.

  • Skim the surface to remove debris.

  • Vacuum as needed.

  • Brush walls and steps.

  • Check the pump.

  • Empty pump and skimmer baskets.

  • Clean the filter as needed.


Other Services


Don’t need a full service cleaning every week or want to get the pool ready for a party? We have plans for that too. Choose from our a’la carte list of services, depending on your needs:

  • Brush and Net Service.

  • Chemical and Water Balance Maintenance and Adjustments.

  • Emergency “Green to Clean” Service.

  • Holiday and Vacation Service


Enjoy a Clean Pool Without the Work

Spend more time in the pool instead of cleaning it. Call Dolphins Pool Service at 727-237-3879 learn more about our pool cleaning packages. Palm Harbor Pool Service. Tarpon Springs Pool Service. New Port Richey Pool Service. Holiday Pool Service. Trinity Pool Service. Safety Harbor Pool Service. Oldsmar Pool Service.


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Areas We Serve


Tarpon Springs

Palm Harbor/Oldsmar

Safety Harbor

New Port Richey

Trinity/Seven Springs



East Lake

About Us

We are a full-service pool company. We clean, take measurements for PH level, alkalinity and chemical levels. We love servicing clients with pride as if it were our own pool. Family Owned and Operated. Same Day Pool Service. Satisfaction Guaranteed.

Call or Text: 727-237-3879

Keeping Pools Clean and Crystal Clear

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