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There are few things less inviting than a slimy, green pool. If your pool needs more than a simple cleaning job and the green stuff looks like it could walk on its own, call Dolphins Pool Service in Tampa Bay for Same Day, Green Pool Emergency Service. We can bring your pool back to life and get you enjoying the water again.


Green Pool Cleaning Services


Green water means you’ve got algae growing in the pool. Algae is notoriously hard to get rid of and quick pool cleaning service is essential. Our emergency pool service for green pools includes algae treatment, debris removal and chemical balancing. We’ll also clean your pump and filters to make sure there isn’t any algae hiding in there.

Depending on the severity of the situation, treatment may include some or all of the following:


  • Chemical Shock Treatment. If the algae hasn’t taken a strong hold yet, we may be able to knock it out with an aggressive chemical treatment. This treatment works best in situation where you can still see the bottom of the pool. We clean your filters and brush the surfaces of the pool as well.


  • Complete Pool Cleaning. In severe cases, a complete cleaning of the pool is required. The pool will be drained, washed with chlorine, and filters will be removed, cleaned, and replaced. Once we fill the pool with water, we add chemicals to balance the water.


Don’t Give Algae Time to Grow, Contact Dolphins Pool Service. Today For Emergency Green Pool Cleaning

An algae-covered pool isn’t just unattractive; it’s a breeding ground for mosquitos and bacteria. Don’t let algae take hold and ruin your pool. We offer same day emergency pool service to get rid of the green gunk once and for all! Call Dolphins Pool Service at  727-237-3879  to schedule a cleaning today!

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About Us

We are a full-service pool company. We clean, take measurements for PH level, alkalinity and chemical levels.

We love servicing clients with pride as if it were our own pool. Family Owned and Operated.

Same Day Pool Service. Satisfaction Guaranteed.


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Keeping Pools Clean and Crystal Clear

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